Quality and Focus

The focus of Maestre Construction Inc. is in Heavy Civil Construction. MCT’s greatest asset is our management and construction personnel. When developing construction sites, MCT’s own experienced civil team performs the concrete, excavation, grading, roadwork, pile driving and underground utilities scopes. These in-house resources provide us a competitive edge and guarantees that the highest standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction are met.

Specifically Maestre Construction Inc. offers the following Heavy Civil Construction services:

  • Excavation and Grading
  • Lift Station Installation
  • Site Preparation
  • Demolition
  • Lake Excavation
  • Culvert Installation
  • Road Paving
  • Parking Lot Paving
  • Debris Removal
  • Storm Sewer Collection Systems Installation
  • Water Distribution System Installation
  • Sanitary Sewer System Installation
  • Dig and Replace Operations
  • Repairs of Deteriorated Pipe Lines

Maestre Construction Inc. offers Design-Build services, a method of project delivery in which one entity forges a single contract with the owner to provide for architectural/engineering design services and construction services. MCT takes pride in the design-build teams readily available.

The advantages of this delivery method are:

  • Singular Responsibility
  • Optimal Quality
  • Reduced Construction Times
  • Decreased Administrative Burden
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Improved and Accelerated Knowledge of Total Cost